DocuTrack Paperless Workflow and Document Management System

Docutrak is a pharmacy workflow and document management system that automates order handling and reduces processing time with instant document retrieval. Docutrak manages any document type, including admission forms, prescriptions, refill orders, fill-lists, and delivery receipts. Documents are prioritized based on the time they were received or by a priority assigned to them.
Staff can automatically receive alerts when situations occur that need attention. Questions or issues with an order can be noted on the document and be electronically faxed to your facility. Static barcode routing feature allows the system to recognize inbound form barcodes and route the documents to a pre-defined destination. For example, census forms containing a pre-defined form barcode could be scanned or faxed into the system and automatically routed to a pre-determined queue. Dynamic barcode routing takes document routing a step further. A barcode is added to an outbound document so that when it returns it can be stapled to the original. The new combined document is then routed to a pre-defined destination. An application of dynamic barcode routing would include the faxing out a Prior authorization so that it can be stapled to the original upon its return before being moved to the “PA triage” queue
This enhanced communication helps to improve resident outcomes and enables both the facility and pharmacy achieve the highest level of customer service.

QuickMar Electronic MAR

QuickMAR’s electronic MAR is a significant improvement over conventional paper-based systems. Meds appear in the system only when they are due. Alerts remind you if you miss a medication enhancing compliance. Bar code scanning ensures you pick the right meds. You are reminded when PRN follow-ups are due. Reports show results of each medication pass and help spot problems on specific wings or with cetain employees medpass times for example. Full color resident photo ensures right resident has been chosen and that it is the right time to give the medication. The photo will be black and white if it is the wrong time.
QuickMAR guides you through the med pass by usung visual cues let you know who has had their meds and who has not.
Thompson Pharmacy has a dedicated and experienced QuicMar training and implementation team to help your facility switch over from paper to electronic MARs seamlessly. Best of all, there are no up front costs and the computers are provided free of charge!

Parata Pass Pack Packaging

With Parata PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System), it is easy to increase compliance and ensure your employees are giving the right medications at the right time, every time. Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins can be packaged together, organized by day and time of dose in clear, plastic packets. For long-term care and skilled nursing customers, PASS replaces blister and bingo cards and allows you to dispense in cycles ranging from 30 days to 24 hours as well as adhere to short-cycle compliance and reduce med waste. Managing medication changes with agility and speed has never been easier! Most importantly, this packaging helps improve adherence and patient outcomes for lower hospital re-admissions. We have experienced great success with this new packaging and we are excited to be able to offer it to the Long Term Care facilities in our area.

MTS Robotic Packaging

OnDemand ® pharmacy automation enables providers to package medications accurately and efficiently, and incorporates bar code verification for an extra measure of security. The MTS OnDemand ® technology provides accurate and efficient pharmacy automation equipment with the flexibility to fill a variety of medication packaging systems on a just-in-time basis. MTS leading edge pharmacy automation equipment that meets a wide range of pharmacy needs. An unlimited number of cassettes are available to ensure medications are on hand to complete dispensing requirements of the most commonly used medications reducing hand filling. Heat seal blister cards are required for most automated packaging solutions. Our pharmacy is confident they are delivering a quality product to any nursing home, assisted living facility, correctional institution or resident. Our line of heat seal blister cards include 28 day, short-cycle 14-day and control drug cards. Control cards are specifically designed for the identification of controlled drugs. The red color and smaller size help differentiate it from other blister cards. This "bingo card" packaging has long been the standard for long term care pharmacy and MTS automation enhances safety and compliance.