Specialty Pharmacy Services

Thompson LTC Pharmacy Offers Complete and Comprehensive Specialty Pharmacy Care and Support For Your Office and Patients

We have entered into a partnership to provide the Specialty Pharmacy services you have come to expect when writing high-touch, care-centric prescriptions to patients with life changing diagnoses. Understanding that these medications re- quire care and specialized services before and after they are dispensed, our partnership allows us to offer the support your patients and office needs, with the care and convenience of the local community pharmacy.

  • Prior Authorization processing
  • Copay assistance and foundation research
  • “Welcome to therapy” outreach to support patient understanding of medication

    and regimen

  • Clinical follow up and monitoring to ensure compliance and adherence
  • 24/7 Pharmacist support for prescribers, caregivers and patients
  • Refill and compliance services

    CONTACT US for more information or to setup a time to discuss how we Can help your office and staff